Servicing of vessels

Commercial seaport Olga provides full package of servicing of calling vessels.

Vessel bunkering can be carried out at sea (anchorage, adrift or underway) or from the shore.

Service cost

Service description
Price / Unit
Water bunkering 150 rub. / t
Enabling fuel delivery – per each ton of fuel imported to the territory of the Port 500 rub./t
Moorage 100 rub./lane meter of Vessel

Rates for berthing port area

Service cost for berthing port area
5,000 rub./day Rate for use of berthing port area is charged in case of dockage for more than 4 (four) hours without cargo operations. Rate for use of berthing port area without cargo operations within the period exceeding 4 (four) hours is charged at the daily rate.


Freight forwarding

Except intraport forwarding, Commercial seaport Olga organizes cargo shipment and escorting by railroad within the territory of RF in any wagons and 20ft containers.

Port Olga possesses railroad dock at Novochuguevka station (Primorsky region). The station is located 200 km apart the port; cargoes from port to station are delivered by motor transport. Availability of private railroad dock allows port Olga rendering the clients the most favourable terms of cargo freightage and storage.

Commercial seaport Olga forwarding services include:

  • railway trucks receipt and shipping;
  • handling operations;
  • insurance of cargoes for the period of forwarding;
  • cargo customs clearance;
  • performance of calculations and development of schemes of load lashing on stock (of any complexity with further loading);
  • cargo warehousing;
  • cargo positioning and storage at open area.

Customs clearance

Port Olga renders customs clearance services in respect of export and import cargo passing through the port.
Customs clearance is carried out on a turn-key basis.

Intraport forwarding is an important part of the customs clearance process. This is a package of services aimed at cargo handling within the territory of the seaport, including temporary storage and movement of cargos within the port territory, and execution of relevant documents.

In-house customs clearance specialists of port Olga let the owners of cargoes considerably reduce time and money costs for cargo handling at this stage of export and import operations.



Commercial seaport Olga provides services for temporary storage of cargoes during customs clearance on favourable terms. Port Olga warehousing infrastructure is:

  • 3,000 sq.m of open slab areas;
  • 2,000 sq.m of timber assorting areas;
  • covered warehouse, 1,200 sq.m in area;
  • 30 ton weighing bridge.

Expansion of warehousing areas and construction of new covered warehouses are top-priority goals in development policy of the port.

Depot acreage of port Olga is equipped in strict compliance with the requirements of customs legislation.

Within 5 minute ride there is an extended cargo storage open area (3,000 sq.m in area) offering favourable terms for cargo owners and operators.


Cargo transshipment

Port Olga renders cargo transshipment services:

  • round timber and lumber – up to 2,000 m3/day;
  • big bag cargoes – up to 1,500 t/day;
  • Euro-pallet cargoes – up to 1,500 t/day;
  • bulk cargoes – up to 1,500 t/day.