1857 – discovery of the gulf

On July 11, 1857 the gulf was discovered by the crew of corvette “America” and named in the honor of Saint Olga, the fete of whom coincided with the date of the gulf discovery. In the Soviet period the St. Olga Gulf was renamed into the Olga Gulf.


Beginning of the 20th century – the port’s establishment

In 1911 the post of St. Olga was first mentioned as a customs post, and in 1916 a coastal passenger and cargo shipping line was launched from the post of St. Olga to Vladivostok city.


End of 1960’s – 1970’s – vigorous growth

The port received a really high-power developmental impulse in 1969, when a timber reloading base of Krasnorechensky timber industry enterprise was organized in Olga settlement for export delivery of timber and lumber from logging chances into Japan and the first motor ship was shipped.

In 1975 a permanent cargo checkpoint through the State frontier of the USSR was open in the seaport of Olga.


1990’s – beginning of new history

State enterprise “Olginsky Lespromkhoz” was reorganized into Olgales OJSC, and State Unitary Enterprise “Commercial seaport Olga” was formed on the basis of property unliable for privatization.


2000’s – boundary extension and international status gaining

In 2009 besides the berths the parts of territory and aquatic area with relevant berthing facilities in loading points located in Plastun, Rudnaya Pristan’ and Svetlaya settlements were included into the boundaries of the seaport Olga.

In 2010 port Olga was opened to foreign vessels.